Activating Your Business Chakras


It may seem strange to think of your business as a living, breathing entity, but it is! It is a manifestation of you and what you are hoping to achieve through it. By understanding the ‘blockages’ being faced by your business in the same way as we approach blockages in our own being, we can start to open the pathways to a more successful and prosperous business! 

Unlike most internet marketing gurus, whose income comes from selling how to make money on the internet, my income is generated from spiritual and personal development programmes and services. I’m going to share with you a model for success online, especially for spiritual people. It’s based on the idea that your business is a living breathing entity.

It has chakras.

Chakras give us a really clear map / model for how to birth a successful business.

If your business isn’t working, it’s because one of your spiritual business chakras is blocked, or depleted or congested.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are best described as energy centres. They are not “real” as they are not physical, but each chakra is associated with:

  • A physical part of the body – and associated physiological processes
  • Qualities
  • Kinds of emotion
  • Behaviours and actions
  • What you experience / attract in your life


Let’s go through the different chakras now and how they apply to your current business performance.

Base chakra – In your business – this is having money AND time. If this chakra is blocked, you are short of time, cash, support team or all three. You are stuck in a loop of not enough time, but no money to pay anyone else to do it for you.

Sacral chakra – In your business, this is being able to attract your clients, to tempt them in. If this chakra is blocked, you may have invested in advertising, but go ZERO response. You have a website that is doing nothing for you and gets you no business.

Solar plexus – in your business, these are your systems, processes. Being organised.  If this chakra is blocked, things are often rushed, last minute or late, you’ve even missed the odd deadline or appointment because you have so many things going on. You sometimes feel scared or overwhelmed by what you have taken on. You can’t ever seem to take any time off, you feel you have to do everything.

Heart – This is your sales and the setting up of a karmically balanced exchange, where you give your talents, and receive what you are worth in return. If this chakra is blocked, you do lots of free sessions, but no one takes it any further than that. You never seem to get the big clients. You feel compelled to offer what you do for free. You have been hurt by what people have said about you or to you, or what they have posted online about your blogs, or business, and you’re scared it might happen again.

Throat – In your business, this is your offer, how you express what you can do for people. If this chakra is blocked, people love you, but they still don’t really “get” what you can do for them. You talk and tell them what you do and they seem really interested, but they always just go away to think about it and you never hear from them again. You can’t seem to get your potential clients to understand how important what you can do for them is.

3rd eye – In your business this is holding the vision, seeing through the confusion to have clarity of thought and wisdom.

Crown – in your business, this is about your business purpose and having the ability to be completely purposeful and purpose driven.

If both of these chakras are blocked, you get distracted and bogged down in the minutiae of the day-to-day running of your business. There always seems to just so much to do, you can’t seem to get your head above water and have lost sight of the big vision of why you started this in the first place. You want to help and serve as many people as possible. You sometimes take on projects that seem like a great idea, but turn out to be massive distractions to the main purpose of your business, they’re out of alignment.

Releasing Your Business Chakras

Once you are aware which chakras are blocked, you can take steps towards releasing these so that they no longer hold you back from achieving your potential. The most successful ways to heal chakras is with a strategy, which provides you with the mindset and tactics to make positive and permanent changes.

Good luck!

Words By Dr Lisa Turner is the founder of spiritual training company Psycademy ( Contact Lisa if you need more help with releasing your business chakras.