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Different Ways of Learning English Online


Have you ever wondered how it’d be possible to learn English anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your home or office without going through the hassle of driving to a language center, getting stuck in traffic and late to class to only get a glimpse of the lesson and not even be able to participate?

Think about it: how much time can you save up when learning English online? Well here’s the idea; learning  English anywhere and anytime you want would improve your English skills much faster since you can do                      it more often. English-Classonline school has the same idea of introducing English lessons by qualified and well-         experienced Native and Non-Native English teachers at a very reasonable price through Skype virtual live classes The school even displays teachers’ profiles, audio files, pictures and self-introduction paragraphs that you can go through before choosing your teacher. They can easily prepare you for high quality TOEFL and IELTS, Conversational and Business courses at your  own pace.Whether you  want to have your learning experience early in the morning  before going to work or late in the evening  at your most convenient hour, you simply inform administration which will take care of scheduling your first  class until you’re finally settled with your tutor. Prices include a wide range of choices from $8 to $950 depending on the selected package.

You can choose from Conversational/General, Business or Exam preparation classes of 10, 25 or 40 hour packages with a private teacher or in a  group class with a free access to the teaching material. You also have  the  option of  learning English in 30 minutes everyday by selecting the One on One 30 min Classes. Another great way to excel  in English is through the 20 minute Speaking Only classes which do not include any textbooks or homework. It’s pure conversation practice with your teacher on off-limit topics!. If you want to test your business skills, take a quiz  with the Business Auto-Marked Video Tests on topics such as Talking about your Company and Job, Businessphone conversations, Business effective negotiations, Business presentations.Last but not least, English-Class online school invites you to correct your Conversational,Business or Scientific related emails starting at $5 per 300 words. Everything  you need to improve your English skills in the comfort of your own location anytime you want is at