Business Buzz – An Ergonomic Guide to Reinventing Your Office



Office spaces are the battleground of the modern era, where businesses’ employees get their work done and spend most of their days. It used to be that offices were regarded as a place to be as minimally decorated as possible, in order to keep employees focussed and task-oriented, but in recent times a lot of very successful companies have shown that the happier your employees are, the more work they can get done, and at a higher standard of quality as well. Upgrading your office to the modern era might be a heavy undertaking, or it might be as simple as upgrading to the Commander business phone systems, it all depends on how far along you are with the following points.

Use Your Space

If your office is walled up and full of cubicles, you might be in need of an overhaul.

Cubicle setups are known to disrupt communication lines and damage employee relations, as everyone is sequestered away in their own little world. It also means a drop in employee productivity, as being connected to the internet and having privacy often means people wander off to social media websites during work hours. Try adopting an open-plan office space to increase office productivity and improve employee relations, as well as streamlining communication.

Upgrade your Tech

Your technology in the office might be causing your employees to slow down, especially if your computers aren’t up to date. Many larger companies keep their employees using lower quality laptops to save on costs, but the reduced processing power can also reduce the speed at which they complete their work.

Upgrading your computers, printers and phones can drastically increase your employees productivity and happiness at the job, as it allows them to work with modern technology with fewer problems needing troubleshooting and fewer breakdowns.

Ergonomic Overhaul

Your employee’s desks and chairs are most likely suitable for them, but they may not be the best that they can possibly get. The type of chair and desk that your employee uses can permanently damage their backs and necks if not properly set up for their posture and their height.

With that said, by setting your employees up with the best possible chairs and desks that they can use, you give them the best equipment to manage the long hours spent sitting at their desks. Ergonomic design also extends to keyboards and computer mice, as these can be designed to sit more naturally with a person’s wrists.

Staff Communication

The communication between your staff members is crucial to your businesses’ success, as it helps to streamline the workload and aid in timely liases between departments. Leaving your employees with outdated and ineffective phone systems and intercoms is choking up the otherwise updated and modern office you have been building.

Upgrading the phone and intercoms system is a fairly simple process, mainly consisting of finding a modern and reliable brand that won’t charge too much for their products. Once upgraded, your employees will enjoy ease of use of the new systems and a simplicity in communication they haven’t enjoyed before. This all leads to happier employees and therefore, better work ethics.

The end-goal of ergonomically upgrading your office is to make your employees more comfortable, and therefore happier, and therefore more productive. This goal can be achieved relatively simply, by following the lists above and by listening to your employees suggestions about what they would like to see in their office space.

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