Restaurant Reinvention: 5 Ways to Enhance Your Establishment


Nowhere is the importance of ‘shelf to customer’ more important than in a commercial kitchen. It is an environment which is entirely dependent shaped by time. It takes just minutes for a dish to overcook or a diner to grow frustrated. Good timing is everything, and the best kitchens run like clockwork.

It’s no easy feat.

It can take a long time for a kitchen team to reach peak efficiency.

This is precisely why restaurant supervisors and managers need to provide lots of support; in the form of streamlined routines, high-quality equipment, and consistent quality controls. In a kitchen, everything from the packaging supplies to the prep stations has a significant impact.

This guide to increasing the efficiency of your restaurant is going to give you some ideas and inspiration for the future.

Buy Your Packaging Wholesale

Storage is just as important as prep and cooking in a commercial kitchen.

It is the backbone of food hygiene, because it ensures that ingredients get kept in the best possible conditions. Whether you usually deal with secondary vendors or not, it can be a good idea to buy wholesale packaging supplies. They come in larger quantities, so you get to take advantage of bulk discounts and deals.

Keep Food Close At Hand

Ideally, you want to be storing your main ingredients as close as possible to the prep and cooking stations. It minimises the need for employees to be constantly moving back and forth. When a kitchen is very busy, this can lead to traffic jams and chaotic conditions. It is also unhygienic to be trailing food across the space. Keep your fridges and pantries close to hand.

Consider Automation

These days, every restaurant should be making plans to go digital, if they have not already. Automated POS systems can transform a business, because they standardise the process of order taking and delivery. Where once there was only paper, there are now sophisticated electronic tools, with the finest menu, tabletop service, and profit calculation programs. They are designed to make life easier so that you can do more with the same resources.

Reinforce Staff Roles

In very small kitchens, it may be necessary for kitchen and restaurant staff to share certain tasks. If you run a sizeable operation, though, there needs to be discipline and clarity. All staff members should have a clearly defined job which doesn’t interfere with any other. The thing to avoid is empty time. Successful restaurants do not have downtime during service; there’s no such thing as a worker with nothing to do.

Encourage Creativity

The kitchen is a place which thrives on creativity.

Don’t be afraid to open up and promote ideas, particularly from those working on the frontline. Sharing strengthens morale and the team bond too, so it is a positive approach to take. New ideas and inspiration can be just what a flagging restaurant needs and your chefs, porters, kitchen assistants, and waiting staff are the ones to ask.

Why Little Changes Can Lead to Big Results

You do not have to overhaul your restaurant business altogether to ensure its future success. In fact, there are probably many elements which already work very well. The trick is to maximise and amplify these strengths while identifying vulnerabilities. Don’t forget that having access to state of the art equipment is a good way to streamline operations and avoid unnecessary delays and downtime.

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