Introducing Twitter Filters in Salesformics – Social Media Monitoring that Goes Beyond Mere Mentions


New feature in Salesformics allows companies to discover when their prospects and customers are talking about topics of interest, in an instant, and then react to them effectively.

Salesformics, the popular CRM, sales and marketing automation solution for small businesses, is pleased to announce today the addition of Twitter Filters, a powerful social media monitoring option that goes beyond looking for company mentions.

For the first time, companies are able to discover when any of their Leads, Accounts and Contacts discuss anything of importance to them on Twitter so they can react instantly, regardless of whether they mention the company name or not.

Twitter Filters are now live within Salesformics for all users and at no extra cost.

Why are Twitter Filters in Salesformics so important and powerful?

If a business has already set up a regular Twitter monitoring service to find mentions of their brand name or company, they’ll know how useful it is to discover when people are discussing them online. They can deal with issues – publicly and transparently – or thank customers and prospects for their kind words. It helps those companies stay social, which is the point of social media in the first place…

But what if someone is talking about what that business or their products and services without mentioning them by name?

Most monitoring products won’t catch these mentions. In fact, the business will most likely not notice that conversation at all which means they will miss out on an opportunity to show how great their service is or retweet the complement so that everyone knows it was their company that was responsible.

“Let’s say that you run an event management company”, explains Stewart Rogers, Head of Product at Salesformics. “While it’s easy to search for ‘XYZ Events Co.’ and see who is talking about you, if you were to set up a Twitter search to look for every time a person mentions the word ‘event’, you’d get around 10 hits per second.”

“Imagine trying to determine whether any of the people mentioning ‘event’ are related to you or your business, even when using Advanced Twitter Search capabilities? Impossible…”, Rogers continues.

“With Salesformics Twitter Filters, businesses everywhere can react to or build marketing workflows from tweets by their prospects and customers”, Rogers concludes.

Introducing Twitter Filters

Now within Salesformics, businesses can create a Twitter-based Workflow to look out for keywords that they care about and set it to trigger only when a person in their Salesformics solution tweets those words, such as an existing prospect or customer.

Now, if someone mentions the terms being searched for, they can trigger a Workflow to do something with that result.

Examples include sending an email, creating a follow-up reminder, recording an activity or any chain of actions required by their business – you could create an entire drip-communication campaign or lead nurturing sequence from a Twitter Filter, for example.

The possibilities are significant, especially for small businesses:

• Find out when people are having an issue with a product or service but who aren’t mentioning the company by name. Often, in social media, if you’re quick to react and are seen to be doing the right thing, it creates more new leads than when there are no issues at all.

• Discover when people are complimenting the company without mentioning the brand. Now, businesses can respond to them and retweet their message – everyone will see it was that organisation that made the customer happy.

• Set up a Segment of all your competitors and get instant notifications when they tweet something the business needs to know about.

• Create automatic Reminders to follow-up with people based on the fact that they’re talking about something worthwhile or interesting to the business.

Salesformics Workflows allow marketing automations and business processes to flow between Salesformics and third-party solutions like Twitter, LinkedIn, Constant Contact, Eventbrite, Dropbox and more.

When a Twitter Filter is triggered, Salesformics users can decide – using a simple point-and-click-interface – what they want to do with that information.

They may send an email with all the details of the tweet to their social media manager. They might set a Reminder to follow up with the contact that tweeted the terms they’re searching for. They could create an Activity to record the details of the tweet against their Account. They could even add the details of the tweet and the associated Twitter account to a Dropbox file so they can access it on any device.

Social media monitoring software that is designed to accomplish similar results sells elsewhere for thousands of dollars per month, and would require links to CRM systems or customer databases in order to provide this functionality, which adds extra cost and implementation time. Salesformics is designed to allow companies to be up and running in minutes, not after weeks of training and installation.

Salesformics includes CRM, marketing automation and company dashboarding at a launch price of only $79 per user per month. Anyone signing up to access the current Public Beta receives a 30-day free trial and our Lowest Price for Life Guarantee as a ‘thank you’ for helping to create the future of sales and marketing automation.

Companies interested in gaining access to the new Twitter Filters functionality should sign up now for the Public Beta at

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