Diary of an Entrepreneur: Lee Howells


Lee became inspired to create a new social media platform after the idea came into his head whilst showering! He saw the opportunity for a micro video blogging platform after a discussion with his business partner and even though it went through some initial changes after meeting with a development team, Pluggr was born.

6:30 – Wake up, grab a quick coffee and then head to the gym. I think it’s important to keep healthy in a time when everyone is rushing around grabbing snacks. While I’m working out, I find most of my ideas come to me, which is what happened when I came up with Pluggr.

8:00 – I get into the office and catch up on last night’s emails and voicemails. I think it’s important to get an early start on your day and lead your team by example.

8:45 – I like to spend a bit of time catching up on industry news. You need to know what your competitors are doing in order to keep on top of your own business. It inspires me when I see something new being developed because it means there are opportunities constantly presenting themselves.

9:30 – Meet with my business partner Charles to run through all the latest developments. We usually meet in Hertfordshire where we have our digital design guys. I like meeting up at people’s places of work as you get to see them in their own environment.

12:00 – Meet with Richard Malloy from Townhouse Digital Design for our bi-weekly catch up to see how we are progressing with all platform developments. I believe it’s crucial to stay on top of developments and I find the meetings keep everyone focused.

13:00 – Catch up with the marketing team on the latest social media coverage and marketing strategy for the platform. I know a lot of people who have cut their marketing spend in the current climate but I think that’s a mistake as all you’re doing is allowing your competition to target your customers.

15:00 – Meet with the app development team in London at the Clerkenwell Workshop Hub to run through application developments and updates. I love doing this as it’s great to see constant momentum towards your goal!

16:30 – Meet with the branding team at London Bridge for updates on the brand positioning, media placement ideas and launch platforms. Again, I really enjoy this as we see developments moving forward and it’s also great to see everything coming together.

18:00 – Meet with the business development team at the O2 to run through the latest brands (including celebrities) that have initiated interest in the platform. Having access to a list of celebrities and premiership football players is our USP as we are still in the age of the celebrity where people love to know what they are up to. Twitter does this so well hence it’s immense popularity.

19:30 – Meet with our Investment Director in the Square Mile to catch up on investor opportunities and pass on all updates on the business. I know a lot of company directors that dread meeting up with finance and investment directors so they bury their head in the sand when it comes to money but to me, you have to keep your eye on the cash flow daily.

20:30 – Arrive home and catch up on emails whilst cooking dinner. I like to cook as it relaxes me and I think it’s important to spend some time doing things you love outside of work or it can be all consuming.

22.00 – Watch the news to keep up with the days events before heading off to bed ready for another busy day.

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