Diary of an Entrepreneur: Kate Hardcastle


From a background of transforming the fortunes of companies, little and large, Founder of Insight with Passion, Kate Hardcastle now help businesses who are facing challenges and don’t know what to do.

It is undeniable that Kate is a very busy lady and a great example of the kind of pace it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. We’re sure you can tell from reading a day in the life of below…

6:00 – One thing about having clients worldwide and travelling to and from them is a body clock that’s broken! I’m just back from Dubai, heading to New York and trying to work out what time it is. The clock says 6 so we will get up and put on the much-loved magic machine that dispenses the vital caffeine hit.

7:00 – It’s time to wake up my daughter, who is at the questioning stage at the moment. The outfit may not be agreed upon straight away but I love the fact she’s so strong willed and confident. We have breakfast and talk about the day and her forthcoming birthday celebrations. Note to self: find an archery specialist for children.

8:00 – I’ve text a couple of the team who are very accommodating and allow for my dynamic wish list. I’ve been listening to Radio 4 and heard a story relevant to my Positive Image campaign so we’re going to find out more. I’m also aware of a news story that might help a business contact so I ping that through (I’m always looking out for my contacts – I have a very collaborative approach to business).

9:30 – Quick meeting with a new client prior to project commencement. We work with our partners to ensure they’re happy and understand timescales and expected results. Its a small frustration that we can’t always talk about who we work with due to often sensitive issues – but it’s fabulous to watch their success and know we are part of it.

12noon – As if by magic, I’m at the beautiful town hall in Huddersfield; the venue of this year’s 7 Years of Charity Dreamgirls concert to meet 2 amazing volunteers who are helping us on the technical side. Many people are amazed at just how long and how many people it takes to run an event like this and the fact everyone is a volunteer makes it that bit more special.

13:40 – Dubai is getting towards the end of its working day – so I need to file some answers to an interview for a magazine there. I’ve been in UAE quite a lot recently as there are significant efforts around the promotion of Women in Business.

14:50 – It’s diary time. Everyone has their unique traits and mine is I’ve always kept my diary as a written entry journal I keep with me. It’s just how I plan my life and I’m reluctant to let it go – so I regularly have to feed into the team electronic diary to ensure were synced. This is a task that can be accompanied by food as a late lunch.

16:20 – I’m on a train to London reading through paperwork, which has been stocked up, this includes a variety of legal documents, notes and updates from the Bradford Bulls (where I am an NeD) and a variety of the charities I’m involved with. I’ve also grabbed the papers as tomorrow I’m on Sky for my regular slot reviewing the news.

20:00 – Arrived into Kings Cross, and had to hot foot across town to a meeting with a business with links to the retail world and whom have heard a lot about our events within town and city centres of late.

21:00 Dinner is early and with one of the amazing celebrities supporting this year’s Positive Image campaign. I want to understand how we could support some of their other charity interests and we’ve thought of a brilliant plan

22:00 – More trains to get towards the Sky studios and another news round up before I sleep in that horrible way before you have to get up for anything early. Its like a startled alarm calls every 40 minutes!

23.55 – Check the phone, I know I shouldn’t – but Australia is already online!

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